2015 Dance Festival

There are many inspiring activities offered to Professional Dancers, Dance Students, Dance Instructors, Choreographers, Performers, and general creative enthusiasts! Attendees are invited to participate in dance workshops/classes, compete in both dance skills & choreography, network with peers from around the world and finally be inspired through professional guest performers.

We see our role as an international facilitator, connecting dancers of all backgrounds with the world’s most influential role models. This gives students, teachers, and choreographers a platform to collect first hand information on the latest trends in dance, choreography, performance, and training techniques from world class educators in the arts.

A Brief History

We are a Canadian based Non-Profit Dance Festival Holding our 2015 event in India.

Philosophy Behind The Dance Festival


To nurture a stronger generation of thinkers and leaders that raise the bar of creativity and excellence in the arts.
  • To give professional artists a platform to showcase their talent
  • To foster dance education in a positive and motivational environment that pushes each artist to their fullest potential.
  • To provide a healthy competitive goal for upcoming performance artists to sharpen their training, performance and work ethic.
  • To promote the dignity, integrity, and public image of the dance profession.
  • To provide talented artists that demonstrate strong work ethic with opportunities to compete internationally, receive scholarships, as well as cash prizes.
  • To mentor students by the global entertainment industry’s most distinguished choreographers, producers and directors.
At Artists In Action you can be sure to receive to finest excellence in dance training, dance instructors, and dance related performances. Our event will be an enriching experience to remember for years to come.
2015 Application

2015 Call for Performers Now Open

now taking applications from dance companies, repertoire works, emerging choreographers, and other progressive art forms. Seeking performances from within India, and International

2015 Application

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