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    Karan Dev
    Karan Dev2013 Sound Technician
    “It was a pleasure being part of the team. Thx for the incredible opportunity!”

    Seasonal Employment

    Artists is Action offers employment/internships during the festival season. Most contracts range from August – December 2015. To apply please include a cover letter, resume, and the contact info for 3 references. Previous dance related experience is favourable, but not necessary. All applicant MUST be fluent in english. Accepting admissions starting February 2015.

    • Support The Performing Arts
    • Work with international colleagues
    • Gain Exposure in your community
    • Be a part of the prestigious Artists In Action family

    Must work with the Artistic Director of Artists In Action to achieve artistic goals quickly and efficiently.   Must have good track record of quality production value.  Must be calm, quick problem solver,  and able to work in fast paced environment.

    • Stage Manager
    • Technical Director
    • Sound Technician
    • Certified Rigger for Circus Equipment. 
    • Administration
    • Marketing
    • Logistics
    • Grant Writing
    • Recruit and Manage Volunteers

    The candidate will be responsible for growing strong relationships with local community groups, partners, and sponsors.

    Must have excellent organizational skills, highly experienced in Microsoft Excel and Power Point.

    Must take photos which demonstrate clarity, composition, and artistic flare.  Will be in charge of photography during classes/workshops, performances, competition, audience, artists interactions, exhibitors and ambiance. Must work with the artistic director to create a consistent look of photography which reflects the festivals experience.

    Volunteering is a perfect way to show your support of dance, network with likeminded individuals, and be a part of invaluable support to the community.

    If you have a specific niche you’d like to share, feel free to email us or to view volunteer opportunities please click here

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