Artists In Action – A World Dance Movement

FOUNDATION IMAGE FINALWe are a non-profit four day dance festival consisting of performance showcases, dance master classes, choreographic workshops, auditions, scholarships, prizes, and networking opportunities. There are many distinct opportunities offered to dance students, dance instructors, professional dancers, choreographers, upcoming choreographers, and dance enthusiasts!

We see our role as an international facilitator, connecting dancers of all backgrounds with the world’s most influential role models. This gives students, teachers, and choreographers a platform to get first hand information on the latest trends in dance, choreography, performance and training techniques from world class educators.

Philosophy Behind The Dance Festival

To nurture a stronger generation of thinkers and leaders that raise the bar of creativity and excellence in the arts.
  • To give professional artists a platform to showcase their talent
  • To foster dance education in a positive and motivational environment that pushes each artist to their fullest potential.
  • To provide a healthy competitive goal for upcoming performance artists to sharpen their training, performance and work ethic.
  • To promote the dignity, integrity, and public image of the dance profession.
  • To provide talented artists that demonstrate strong work ethic with opportunities to compete internationally, receive scholarships, as well as cash prizes.
  • To mentor students by the global entertainment industry‚Äôs most distinguished choreographers, producers and directors.
At Artists In Action you can be sure to receive to finest excellence in dance training, dance instructors, and dance related performances. Our event will be an enriching experience to remember for years to come.

Our Foundation Goals

  • To promote and present the works of professional artists and upcoming choreographers throughout the community and around the world
  • To reach a future generation of performing artists via educational programs
  • To encourage the dignity, integrity and historical importance of the arts
  • To build a diverse and international audience for artists

Meet The Board

Robin Merchant
Robin MerchantPresident
A Cultural Connect Ambassador for the arts, Artistic Director of Artists In Action, and an active choreographer worldwide.
Prabhat Kulshreshtha
Prabhat KulshreshthaTreasurer
A lifelong advocate of the arts, expert in media based start ups, and holding an MBA, MEng, and CFA
Lionel Yip
Lionel YipDirector
A lifelong advocate of theatre and dance, Prosecuter, and seasoned board member.