2015 Application

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Currently accepting applications from dance companies, repertoire works, emerging choreographers, and other progressive art forms.

2015 Application

Artists In Action - Move the company1Joshua Beamish/MOVE


Beamish has collaborated with the School of American Ballet and the New York Choreographic Institute, Cirque du Soleil, Toronto Dance Theatre, the National Ballet of Canada’s YOUdance, Santa Barbara Dance Theatre, Compania Nacional de Danza de Mexico, Cape Dance Company/South Africa, New York City Ballet and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, among others. His works have toured the globe, notably to Jacob’s Pillow, the Bangkok International Festival/Opera House, Seattle’s Chop Shop, the American Dance Institute in DC, the 2012 London Cultural Olympiad’s World Event Young Artist, Artists in Action-A World Dance Movement: Mumbai and WORLD EXPO Shanghai.

MOVE was founded in 2005, by its present Artistic Director, Josh Beamish, MOVE: the company is a contemporary dance company based in Vancouver BC, committed to the creation and performance of original choreographic works by both emerging and established artists, while also paying tribute to creations of the past.

Consisting of a rotating core group of dance artists, the company’s principal focus is the development of the contemporary dance artists in Vancouver and British Columbia. The company also aims to include collaborators from other arts forms, such as video, music, spoken word and theatre, through involvement in the creative process. Artists In Action - Move the companyMixing traditional creative practices with atypical collaborative works, MOVE: the company aims to encourage today’s audiences to take an interest in the dance of today, while simultaneously promoting appreciation for the foundation of Canadian dance history.

MOVE: the company is dedicated to the presentation of new, challenging and exciting works and promises to provide a performance experience the audience won’t soon forget.



artists in action danceworxThe Danceworx


Navdhara India Dance Theatre is a contemporary dance company based out of Mumbai, India. It was founded by IndianAustralian Artistic Director Ashley Lobowith the aim of helping out young dancers in India channelize their creative energies and to give them a platform to reach out and communicate with an international audience.

Combining the physical methodologies of western dance and the spiritual philosophies of India and Indian dance, including some thoughts from the ancient Indian gurukul system, it seeks to allow newer methodologies and works of theatre anartists in action danceworx danced dance to come through. The focus is simplicity and communication. Sharing thoughts through this universal movement language so all boundaries disappear and Navdhara or ‘new flow’ is achieved. To this end, all dancers have a strong western dance technique and this is then combined with indigenous tools like yoga, ancient Indian movement meditations and Indian classical and folk dance, to create a unique blend that just ‘is’. A movement style that is neither eastern nor western in nature, but completely universal. The only allegiance being to the truth of breath and ‘prana’or life energy.



12Shiamak Davar 


If Shiamak Davar is the painter of his creative masterpieces, his dance Company are the brushes and colors that make the picture complete. Personally trained by their guru, the Shiamak Davar Dance Company (SDDC) is the most trusted performing troupes in the country. Impeccable with their technique, knowledge and performances, the SDDC is recognized for their discipline and commitment to their passion.

Shiamak’s belief is complete knowledge and sound technique produces performers par excellence. The Shiamak Davar Dance Company represents fitness, strength, flexibility and focus that is inherent in each member. The performers also teach dance, spreading Shiamak’s motto of ‘Have Feet. Will Dance’ through his dance institute, Shiamak Davar International(SDI)

Having travelled globally with Shiamak, the SDDC represent Indian culture and ethics taking its varied colors and energy to international audiences. Wowing world leaders including Bill Clinton (former US President), Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and international stars Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, Will Smith, Michael Douglas, Bryan Adams, Stevie Wonder and the legendary American choreographer Debbie Allen, the Shiamak Davar Dance Company has made the world its stage.

The Guru of modern and contemporary dance, Shiamak Davar’s training reflects in his dance company and his insistence on individuality brings out the best in each performer. The ShiamakDavar Dance Company creates on stage a visual that transcends the audiences into another world, with each dancer playing the role of a peaceful warrior.